Courier Van

My newest cake is based off of a Dodge Sprinter courier van.  My client is a co-worker whose significant other is, yes, a courier!  The shape included 4 layers of chocolate truffle cake, chocolate buttercream filling, covered in fondant.  I spent a lot of time trying to make the van as similar as possible to the actual vehicle (other than the length), although not to scale.  The packages falling out the back was my co-workers clever idea.  If I were to do this kind of cake again, I think I would make it more cheeky, by putting a driver hanging out the window waving!


  1. Ahh! The boxes falling out of the van is the perfect touch! Lovely cake.

  2. This van looks pretty sweet! I would love to work for a courier in Toronto. How can I get my hands on a cake like that? I think it would be pretty awesome when I start my courier service.


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