Dora & Ironman

These cakes were done for my daughter & my nephew.  We have been having their parties together because they were born only a day apart (plus a year!).  The Dora cake was basically a 'barbie cake', but I was able to find a Dora doll that was the right size.  I took off the clothes she came with (thank goodness they came off!) and wrapped her in plastic wrap.  One I baked the cakes, I cut a round hole in the center of all of them and put the doll inside.  After she was inside I was able to do the decorating.

Ironman was another story.  I was very happy with how the figure turned out, but he didn't dry well enough, and plus all the rain we had that day, he would not stay together-hence the toothpicks used to hold him up.  Ick.  The also did not want fondant covering the cake, so I had to be creative on how to make the cake look like something from Ironman.
With the trouble I was having with the figure, I think I might try to use modeling chocolate.  Stay tuned!!


  1. That Ironman is fabulous! All of my three boys had to come see it and they all loved it!


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