I have been asked many times where I get my ideas from, and although most of the work I do comes from within, as a new cake maker, I often look to other sources for inspiration.  I also have found a few websites that I thought I would share some of the sites I have found invaluable along the way. 

The website that I go to often, and find a lot of inspiration through, is a social network for cake makers like myself,  On this website there are a range of people whose skill level ranges from beginner to professional.  A friend of mine who has also started making cakes for people told me to check it out, and it has been a great resource.

Another place, however unlikely, that I often look to is  There are a surprising amount of people, again, novices to professionals, that have videos demonstrating how to make anything from fondant to the most intricate flowers.

As for supplies, there are not as many online stores as you may think, at least not affordable and speedy for Canadians.  One place that I have had success with is  It takes hours to look at everything for sale at this store based out of Ontario, and the product arrives fairly quickly.  Another website is, but they are based out of the States and the shipping charges are high.

The advice I would give to anyone wanting to venture into the world of cake making, is educate yourself, read books, websites, etc., but ultimately, trust yourself and your imagination, it will take you far!


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